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Our Vision

To Make Kegalle District the Best Habitat in Asia.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to lead the Kegalle district towards a sustainable development by making Kegalle District Secretariat the best institution of the island with an attitudinal change in officers of District Secretariat and Divisional Secretariats and coordinating all institutions at district, provincial and national levels with a view to achieving values of the district."
* A decision making process through participatory approach
* A well-mannered, cordial service
* A priority to senior citizens and persons with special needs
* A good team work
* An environment friendly office premises
* An utmost satisfaction to clients through supreme customer care
A Blink of the Kegalle District . . . . . . . . .
    • The historical grandeur

      The great cities are the foot prints of our forefathers. So is of the city of Kegalle, the city is lying with another great history of Sri Lanka.

      Therewith the Kegalle District remarks on its great history dated back to the stone age of Sri Lanka.It is an assortment of proven evidences of the present day city formation. According to those evidences there had been a prosperous civilization in Kegalle prior to 28000 years.The caves of Beli lena, Dorawaka lena, Alu lena, Asmadala, Padavigampola, Batalegala, Lenagala, Ambala Kanda, Halamada, Heenatipana,  Uthuwankanda, Beligala,Salawa, Yahalena,Salgala and Kela Dambulla endow with the evidences for that.

      According to the archaeology of the Kegalle District,it has been a region in Maya Rata of the three divisions of Sri Lanka. Further it is noticeable by the latter half of the Sinhalese kingdom and also by the ruling period of the British. Those days Kegalle had been divided into three parts; named as “Satara Koralaya”,” Thun Koralaya” and “Patha Bulathgama”.

    • The etymological inherit

      The great historian Mr. H.C.P.Bell puts in writing the etymological name of the city in his writing of ‘ Kagalu Record’ as follows,”King Walagamba was assembling the worrier cadres to win over the Tamil enemies.In this mission one day the king was en route from Dambulla to Salgala passing Danagirigala and Akiriyagala and waited to have a respiration in one of the rock-strewn there.The king enjoyed a quid there and forgot the golden quid lid there. Later by, as with the proceeding of the journey the king looked for the quid for another time and remembered that it was there forgotten on the rock–strewn where he enjoyed the refreshment. So the king proclaimed that identified spot as           ‘Ke -Gala’, which  means to us in English  as  the rock-strewn where he ate the quid , to remind the place and that gradually followed its evolutionary name as ‘Kegalle’ to the modern-day  name.”

    • The geographical structure.

      Geographically Kegalle lies in the North of the equator in between the North Longitudes of 6 50’’ and 7 20’’ and between the East latitudes of 80 10’’and 80 35’’.Further its location is bounded by some other provinces such as Kurunegala district is in its North, Rathnapura District is in its South, Gampaha and Colombo Districts are in its West, and Kandy and Nuwara Eliya Districts are in its East ends. The territory of Kegalle comprises of 48 km from North to South and 32 km from East to West and marks of its extent as 1663 km2.

      Followed by the above particulars Kegalle is marking as one of the important districts in Sri Lanka and is in the Sabaragamuwa Province. At present the Kegalle District has eleven Divisional Secretariats named as Mawanella, Galigamuwa, Ruwanwella, Dehiowita, Daraniyagala, Aranayaka, Yatiyanthota, Kegalle,Rambukkana,Warakapola and Bulathkohupitiya .

    • The topographical portrayal

      The geography of Kegalle is mainly mountainous and plainly. Further these features resemble the features of the transitional slopes between the high land and of the central hills. Therefore the geography in Kegalle has become assorted. The height of Kegalle from the sea level varies from 50m to 1800m.

      In general the Western part of Kegalle has rivers and valleys, whereas the East part of Kegalle contains of Mountainous areas. The divisional secretariats of Kegalle, Rambukkana, Warakapola, Ruwanwella, and Dehiowita belong to the low land areas of Kegalle District and Mawanella and Aranayaka belong to the hilly part of Kegalle. The highest place of Kegalle is located at Pallebadigala in the Daraniyagala Divisional secretariat division of the North –South part of Kegalle District

    • The climatic delight

Further Kegalle District has been a very affirmative contributor of several natural resources to mother Sri Lanka. Among them the water resource has been a lasting comfort to the citizens of Kegalle. It has been fortunate enough to be under the treasure of both Monsoon rains and the cyclones. The city is mainly nourishing with Kalani River and Ma Oya. Both the Gurugoda Oya and Seethawaka stream to Kalani River and Higul Oya and Rabukan Oya stream to Ma Oya from Kegalle District .The annual rainfall of Kegalle is 2500 mm to 3000 mm. The temperature varies from 25.7 Cº to 78.4 Fº. It is of a1.6 Fº lower level to the normal temperature of Sri Lanka.

  • The economic maturity

    The land has become another fertile facilitator to the cultivation promoted needs of the citizens of Kegalle.The district mainly being an agrarian society, rubber, tea and coconut are cultivated as the main crops of it. Apart from that clove, pepper, coffee and cocoa too are being cultivated as secondary commodities. As of the Rubber cultivation, 33% of the agrarian lands have been utilized for it.29000 acres of land area have been occupied for the paddy cultivation.The rain water is the main resource provider for the cultivations in Kegalle. Minerals are another lucrative donor of the district of Kegalle.The Bogala graphite is one of the most notable mine in Kegalle district and marks a half amount of the total mineral export of Sri Lanka.The gem distribution near the Kelani River further boosts for the economic prosperity of the district.   

  • The fraternal integration

According to the census report of 2011 the population of Kegalle District indicates of 837179.This city has been a place of integrity with Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other minorities. The majority of the people is Sinhala and has become Buddhist too. Depending on the population density 84.71% are Buddhists. Apart from that the devotees of other religions such as Hindu Catholic, Islam, Christianity and other religions too are living in Kegalle District.In the reminiscence of the famous Buddhist Arihath Theros of Sri Lanka  ,Venerable Rev. Maliyadewa Thero is a blessed religious personality from the temple of Wattarama in Galigamuwa Division.Udawa old temple,Dadigama temple,Yatahalena temple,Danagirigala temple, Daliwala Kotawehera temple, and even Aluth Nuwara Dewalaya further allure the spiritual needs of the people of Sri Lanka.Walivita Saranankara Thero from Kegalle District is another prominent figure to enhance Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

The citizens of the Kegalle district have been victorious in articulating in their own dialect too.

  • The cultural splendor
    Culture is another unique possessor of any community to transmit the core values of the generation. In the same manner the district of Kegalle has been an advanced encouragement for many local and folklores and the arts. Thus it has been a successive hand to open the gallery of the arts for many talented artists to shine out and be rewarded.

Therefore it is a pleasing memory to explore more of the culture of Kegalle. The origin and the practices of ‘Kohomba Kankariya’ are a significant heirloom of the district. Furthermore this has been a source for the promoter of the traditional dancing and the ceremony of the ‘Thovil’ in the district and records the prime soul in the country for this regard.Besides this artistry has brought several traditional generations to the theater.

The generations of  Deewela, Udagama, Makura, Muddanawa, Dewanagala, Dehimaduwa, Halmassa, Herathgama, Agama, Elamaldeniya, Kotawella, Baddawaththa and Higgoda take the priorities in this practices of dancing.

Apart from that Kegalle district is famous for the grand practices of art and craft.Dewanagala, Wakirigala, Danakirigala, Dadigama, Ambulluwawa, Kela Dambulla, Salawa, Yatahalena, Karadulena and Lenagala of art and craft are another remarkable places to put on view of the superiority of these artistries.In this essence the venerable hands of Dewaragampala Silvaththana and Neelawala (Mangalagama),Madagoda Mahadura Gedara and Wekoladeniya partake in the rejoice of  the uniformity of these artistries.

Not only this artistry but also the fragrance of music,drama  and theature of Kegalle District  has become successful in fuming both the air of Sri Lanka and the world. Airangani Serasinghe,Suminda Sirisena,Edward Jayakodi,Nanda Meegasthanna,Rookantha Gunathilaka,Raju Bandara ,Ashoka Hadagama,Dulika Marapana, Desi Munasinghe and Ariyawansa Ranaweera flag there to accomplish the literal values of the people of and out the country.

  • The political tone

Kegalle has been a master brain for many mighty political hands in the country .In that regard it is note worthy to step back to the victorious history of Sri Lanla.The dignified kings; King Maha Parakramabahu, King Vijayabahu the 1st and King Walagamba homed Kegalle as their native lands.After 1948 Mr.Dadley Senanayaka, N.M.Perera, Wimala Kannangara, Sri.R Beligammana, Haris Levke Rathwaththa, P.B.Balasooriya, E.A.V.Wijerathna, N.H.K.Keerthirathna, G.B.P.Kalugalla, Mr.Ashoka Karunarathna and Mr.Winscent Perera came to the political arena and made a yomen service to the country.

  • Kegalle as a ‘Great Today’

At present, Kegalle being one of the most hospitable and cozy district it has become one of the profitable tourist attractions of the country.The rhythmical plummet of waterfalls of Asupini Ella,the shabby of Kurulu Kelaya with the lengthiest  fungi tree of Sri Lanka, Pinnawala elephant orphanage and the constructing zoo act and pool resources into be another dynamic co -hand  of the economy ,culture and society of Sri Lanka .

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